Olympic canoe and kayak history is a story that spans almost a century.

Athletes connected by a drive to defy their limits and a shared passion for sport

Sprint Kayak

Kayaks are closed boats with a cockpit for sitting in and were originally made by stretching animal skins over a wooden frame.  

The sport Sprint Kayak seems to go back as far as 1866 when John MacGregor founded the Royal Canoe Club.

The worlds oldest, or first recorded, canoe race seems to be The Paddling Challenge was held on 27 April 1867.

At the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris flatwater canoeing was a demonstration sport. The following 6 kayaking events were officially part of the Berlin 1936 Games Olympic:

·       K-1 1000 m

·       K-1 10000 m

·       K-1 10000 m folding

·       K-2 1000 m

·       K-2 10000 m

·       K-2 10000 m folding


Women competed in the K1 500m event for the first time at the London 1948 Games.

The following events are part of todays Olympic Games:

·       K-1 1000M (KAYAK SINGLE) MEN

·       K-1 200M (KAYAK SINGLE) MEN

·       K-2 1000M (KAYAK DOUBLE) MEN

·       K-2 200M (KAYAK DOUBLE) MEN

·       K-4 1000M (KAYAK FOUR) MEN

·       K-1 200M (KAYAK SINGLE) WOMEN

·       K-1 500M (KAYAK SINGLE) WOMEN

·       K-2 500M (KAYAK DOUBLE) WOMEN

·       K-4 500M (KAYAK FOUR) WOMEN


International Canoe Federation (ICF)

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) was founded in 1946. 


Manufacturers of Sprint Kayaks


Plastex company is based in Poland and was founded in 1990 by Richard Seruga, slalom canoe paddler, who was participant of Olympic Games in Munchen in 1972 and multiple World Championships medalist.

Plastex is a producer of high performance sprint kayaks, canoes, surfskis, dragon boats, parakayaks and paddles for racing canoeing.




Nelo was created in 1978 by Manuel Ramos, a former paddler himself, and is now located in Vila do Conde, Portugal. The factory has an area of 20.000m2 where 150 employees work, a big percent of which does, or has done, kayaking.


Stellar Kayaks



KAPE Canoes & Kayaks

KAPE is a professional canoe & kayak manufacturer team residing near Szeged Hungary building composite Sprint Kayaks / Flat Water Kayaks. Founder and owner György Kabai started to produce special sport equipment back in 1989.



Prestol is high-performance flatwater kayaks designed for achieving best results and giving best racing experience. Prestol offers excellent average speed as well as maximum speed, remaining very stable for flat water racing kayak. The hull of the boat is designed considering paddling technique so the boat's movement from side to side and jumping is reduced to a minimum. Stiff aluminium seat and footrest construction provide durability, comfort and best power conversion from the athlete to the boat.

 The Prestol K1 ONE was designed and tested for almost two years by their talented engineers working together with former World class athlete and Olympian Krists Straume.

K1 ONE is available in four construction versions build with using highest quality materials and vacuum infusion technology. Vacuum infusion technology allows to make composites with better fiber to resin ratio, making them tougher and lighter. All Prestol boats are oven post cured at high temperatures to finalize composite to reach its maximum mechanical properties and heat resistance.